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5 Loaves and 2 Fishes is the ministry of Christian and Maureen Gedge.

A corner of our garden at home.

To give you a little background - ABOUT US

Hello, my name is Christian Gedge. Maureen and I have been involved in Bible teaching for many years, pastoring several churches, lecturing in Bible colleges, writing, and contributing regularly as team members wherever we have belonged.

We stood down from full-time pastoral ministry and settled in the Waikato district of New Zealand to concentrate on preparation of specialist teaching material designed to supplement the work of local churches. River Discipleship is a workbook on basic Christian doctrine and recently published was Rainbow Discovery a direct witnessing tool for evangelists.

Maureen's church background is Presbyterian and Baptist and mine is Open Brethren and Assemblies of God - an unusual mix admittedly but we acknowledge and appreciate the heritage. For statement of faith, please click link below.

I do a bit of preaching still. Send an email if you want to arrange a speaking time. But 5 Loaves & 2 Fishes is not set up to facilitate a traveling ministry. I have a different dream. I believe that written teaching and the Internet is a bold new frontier of the gospel. It is now possible to hear the Word of God anywhere in the world. It is now possible to publish free Bible studies directly to someone's printer. It is now possible to ask questions and fellowship on carefully moderated Christian forums. The possibilities are limitless!

And that is where I believe God is leading. Please pray for us.


Doctrinal position of 5 Loaves & 2 Fishes

Statement of Faith


A few photos plus a little bit of nostalgia.



Sometimes you find yourself speaking from the heart.



And here are some poems Maureen and I have written.