How to use RIVER

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How to use RIVER

'River Bible Course' can be used in several ways:

In a Group Setting as a new convert class or as a 'back to basics' series for older Christians. A mixed group of old and new Christians can also work well. Each student is given a manual and they come together to go through one lesson per week. The group leader can stimulate participation in several ways. He may encourage each student to do the questions for this week at home, as well as read the next week's study. That way the class can be used to answer questions and share impressions in a individual plus group combination. Alternatively the group could divide into smaller 'buzz' groups on the same night for discussions and a spokesperson report back what they have gleaned to the overall group afterward.

For Sermon Notes. Some Pastors provide their congregation with a book and teach it as a part of the normal Sunday Service. There are 14 studies and additional supplements. Some divide naturally into several parts which can be dealt with over several more weeks if necessary. Just add some personal illustrations and 'River' makes a fine topical sermon series. Diagrams may be copied on to overheads provided that copyright is acknowledged.

As a 'One on one' Follow-up System. With brand-new Christians this will create converts made of steel. The Church would train and appoint counsellors to come alongside and mentor each convert individually. The councillor then provides the student with a manual and visits weekly to go through the course at whatever pace is best for the individual need. It can be done in the students home or that of his mentor.

By Correspondence. Correspondence is the simplest option, and may also be preferable where a student cannot easily attend as described in the previous methods. The new convert is simply given a manual and instructed to do one lesson at the time posting it in for marking each time with any questions that he/she may have. His teacher sends it back with encouragement and comments.


An evang-discipleship manual which reinforces the faith of new and older believers alike.

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Brief summary of 'River Discipleship' begining with faith in Jesus Christ, and finishing with a call to action.

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First three studies free. Leaders guide and answers to questions free. Completion certificates free.

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