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Christian Gedge

How to Recognise a False Prophet

Chris Gedge

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READING: 2 Peter 2


Stories - Joseph Smith, Phineas Quimby, Essek Kenyon

Question: Why didn't people say something?
Answer: They didn't recognise.


  • Emerge from Within (v1)

They do not start a cult straight away.


  • Sneak in New Doctrine (v1)

Cloaked in Biblical language.
Not through proper channels.


  • Deny Person of Christ (v1)

1 John 4:1-3
Jesus Christ is as much God as Father! As much human as we are!


  • Bring Church into Disrepute (v2)

Financial scams / failed prophecies / sex scandals


  • Exploit the Believers (v3)

Inordinate interest in money / high life / empires


  • Despise Authority (v10)

Why? To move followers under their authority.


  • Inflate Human Spirituality (v10)

A hallmark of false prophets is the claim to godhood.



Do not follow false prophets (v17-19)