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User Reviews

River Bible Course has been used by churches and individuals throughout New Zealand for several years.  During this time it has been well received by pastors, home group leaders and students alike.  Now expanded and updated, these new study series are available internationally though the Internet.

River has received enthusiastic reviews by users.  Here's what people are saying:-

Brian Hathaway (late)
Principal, Bible College of New Zealand

"An excellent balance between practical encouragement and theological insights. It is well set out, uses are variety of answer responses, and speaks the language of the average person. I'm sure many young Christians will gain value from doing this..."

Ian Grant
National Youth and Family Leader

"I would like to enthusiastically recommend Chris Gedge's follow-up and discipleship booklet. This has practicality and initiative, which deals with the issue in hand. If we're going to see 'fruit that will remain' then we will have to get committed to such as this, so that a generation that has no spiritual recall can be quickly brought up with the decision they've made for Christ."

Luke Brough
National leader, 'Elim Churches of New Zealand'

"After searching for suitable material at Elim Christian Centre we came across the 'River Bible Course.' It was exactly what we were looking for to help in one to one discipleship of new believers in Christ. I can also personally recommend Chris Gedge to you and vouch for his Godly heritage."

Naran Makan
Pastor, 'Christian Family Centre'  Pukekohe

"I have been using these books extensively with new believers. I have found them to be extremely helpful in explaining what has happened in individual lives as they have come to follow after Jesus in newness of life, and not as a mere conversion in head knowledge only."

Andrew Higgins
Pastor, 'Baptist Church'  Queenstown

"I have found the 'River Bible Course' to be an excellent tool in our new Christians Discipleship. The lessons are very well balanced and sound in all respects of doctrine and theology. Our students have found the course easy to follow as some of the more complex doctrines for new believers are very well explained. The 'River Bible Course' represents a new, simple, well thought-out approach to introducing the first steps of Christian faith to the new believer."

Aaron Ironside
Evangelist, 'Church of Christ' Auckland

"We've been using the 'River Bible Course' for the last few months, and found it an excellent tool for new Christians. In fact after lesson one, I was able to lead a man to Christ! The 'River' is great for those who need a good one-on-one system - although we've already used it in group formats as well."

Sarah Prime
Pastor, 'Assembly of God' Kawakawa

"Where we are is mainly Maori and the 'River Bible Course' suits our folks very well. We use it on Sunday mornings during our service with everyone having a book (average about 30 adults) and together we work through the studies, sometimes with a break between services.  Arohanui."

Graham Moore
Pastor, 'Taieri Elim Church' Taieri

"Over the past year our church has used 'River Bible Course' as a one to one discipleship tool. The change that I have seen in the people that have done the course has been encouraging."

"One of the advantages that I see is that it encourages the individual to read the Bible at home, so that when we meet they have filled in the answers. I have found that by the time a person has completed the course they have gained a good foundation in Christianity. I would recommend 'River Bible Course' to fellow pastors and those involved in the discipleship of new Christians."

Norm King
Pastor, 'Crusade Family Church'  Wairoa

"We have found 'River Bible Course' an excellent modern follow-on manual for new converts of any age. It covers basic teaching on the ordinances and doctrine of the Christian faith, and with its teachers manual, it allows more mature Christians to counsel the new convert on the road to maturity. A great foundation on which to build disciples."

Ian Johnson
Evangelist, 'Powerpoint Ministries' Auckland

"We have been using the 'River Bible Course' for the past year to give to new believers in our Evangelistic meetings in various locations in New Zealand. The course is easy to follow and covers most questions usually asked by people coming into faith. The way the course is presented not only reaffirms the decision but also presents a challenge to the original commitment."

"I have just returned from a ministry trip to Andhra Pradesh in India and took a copy with me to see if it would work there also. There is no doubt I will be taking copies with me next time I go to India because I have seen first hand that 'River Bible Course' also works in this culture. I looked a long time for a go first follow-up booklet and I believe that the 'River' is the best I have found. I recommend it to all Church leaders."

Kem Price
Pastor, 'retired'  New Plymouth

"I've read through 'River Bible Course' and find it an exceptional course. I think it is the best I've seen for a simple explanation of the key doctrines of the Christian message."

Bruce Collingwood
Pastor, 'The Oasis Church'  Napier

"The 'River Bible Course' is a great tool that we have on hand in our church for young christians who are hungry to learn about God. We feel that it is well written and simple, the way it should be."

Jeff Low
Chaplain, 'Invercargill Prison'  Invercargill

"The 'River Course,' formulated by Chris Gedge, has been an excellent tool to educate and encourage new Christians in Invercargill Prison. A large majority of those men who have done the course have commented on how it has really clearly explained areas of the Christian Faith that they were unsure of and has given them insight which has assisted them to trust Jesus as their Saviour. I have no hesitation in recommending the 'River Course' as a wonderful tool, not only for new Christians, but for those people who are searching."

Geoff Wiklund
Pastor, 'Eden Assembly of God'  Auckland

"I have been using the 'River Bible Course' in my Church for a little over a year. We have tried many means of discipleship material and this is now our mainstay. It really is incredibly suitable for most people newly saved. I am happy to endorse the book. All the staff in my Church that use it also speak highly of it."

Shayle Cullen
Pastor, 'Apostolic Church'  Hastings

"We have been using the 'River Bible Course' over the last 18 months to help the initial stages of discipling new Christians. We have found it to be simple enough for non-churched people to understand but theologically and doctrinally sound. It is comprehensive enough to give a good foundational understanding of Biblical truth."

Martin O' Halloran
Pastor, 'Swanson Community Church'  Waitakere

"I have found the 'River Bible Course' really helpful, a real good tool in discipleship.  It helps new disciples come to terms with the nitty grity of the Christian walk. I would throughly recommend it to others."

John Billington
Captain, 'Salvation Army'  Tokoroa

"We have used this course as a group study for teenagers who are relatively new to Christian experience, and also for those who are seeking to further their knowledge and understanding of the Bible. It has proved to be an excellent course, both informative and challenging … Good discussion has arisen during sessions on real life issues that are relevant to young Christians today. The book is set out clearly with an easily followed format. I would not hesitate to use this literature again as an informative structure for those seeking further knowledge in the desire to know God."

Keith Walters
Pastor, 'Christian Centre'  Waihi

"Waihi Christian Centre has been using the 'River' books for the last 6 months to build good foundations in our peoples lives. We have put all our people through the course whether they have been just newly saved or saved for 20 years. We now have a group of 60 people who are each able to walk new believers through the same book. Thank you Chris for the tool we have greatly appreciated it."

Graham Webb
Pastor, 'The Equip Centre'  Whangarei

"We here at 'The Equip Centre' are using the 'River Bible Course' as an extension to our basics foundation course which runs for 4 weeks, for those wanting to have a deeper and broader understanding of biblical truth on many subjects. It has proved to be just what people have needed to take them in their understanding to the next level."

"The material is well presented and easy to follow on a one to one basis, and is well set out for the student of the word, to help them answer the relevant questions being asked! I would recommend this course as being the best of its kind available in New Zealand at the moment."

Brian Kenning
Pastor, 'Central Baptist'  Invercargill

"At Invercargill Central Baptist Church we have used the 'River' Course in a small group setting, especially as a follow up to 'ALPHA.' We have found that it lends itself to small group discussion. It would also be helpful as a tool for one-on-one discipleship."

Owen Frethey
Pastor, 'City Apostolic Church'  Christchurch

"We, at City Church, have been using this tool in all our discipling roles.  In the lead-up to the recent Impact World Tour here in Christchurch, many churches were looking for a suitable follow up tool and I was pleased to be able to show with much confidence your publication. It had, I understand, the endorsement of the local IWT Discipleship Co-coordinator! I just love the way it starts with the paragraph, 'So, you've become a Christian. What did you do?' And then goes on to challenge the participant as to what in fact happened when they received Jesus into their life. I trust all goes well with promoting this wonderful tool."

Brian McAuley
Training and Mission, 'Worship Center'  Tauranga

"We've used the 'River Bible Course' as a tool for our new Christians for some time now. It's proved to be efficient, user friendly and very helpful. It can be used by individuals by themselves, or used in a group setting with a leader; thus accommodating varying requirements. I know the course purpose, layout, language and content will not disappoint a prospective user."

Tim Mora
Rev, 'Cobden-Runanga Anglican Parish'  New Zealand

"I have used the 'River Bible Study' course with new Christians as a way of instructing them in the basics of the faith and have found it simple and easy for folk to work through. It covers all the main areas needed in grounding a new Christian in the faith and does so with constant reference to scripture. It is a wonderful tool and I have no hesitation in recommending it."

Trevor Dowman
Pastor, 'Hibiscus Apostolic Church'  Hibiscus Coast

"There is GREAT NEED in the Body of Christ for good, comprehensive and practical Bible courses for Christian discipleship.  The 'River Bible Course' is one of these. It is not only well presented and practical, but it is simple and easy to follow in its presentation of Christian doctrines, plus it is very well priced for the quality of material. I personally think that it is one of the best discipleship books of its kind that I have seen. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this book."

Selwyn Long
Pastor, 'The Manna House'  Waimate

"Not only does the course cover the matters of importance that we want to teach new Christians, but it also provokes questions from the group. In our case it has taken almost a year to complete the 14 study course as discussion following the questions raised have enabled us to address all manner of related matters that were important to the participants Spiritual growth.   Some studies have taken us 3 or 4 sessions to complete. As a result we have found these folk not only gain an greater appreciation of the Word, but they have also embraced the church community with a greater sense of ownership."

Paul Allen-Baines
Pastor, 'Glen Eden Baptist Church'  Auckland

"Last year we tried the 'River' course and it was a great success, we could not have had anything better. It flowed well with everyone, no-matter what stage they were at with the Lord. The 'River' is something that you can jump into and take it to any depth you choose. Thank you for the enormous amount of time and effort that you have put into designing such a wonderful resource.


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